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24 pages, full color

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Welcome to the site!   Here you will learn about Snailsworth, a slow little story, a children's picture book. The story follows Snailsworth, a tiny garden she-snail, on a night-time adventure that teaches her to believe in herself.


As an author/ illustrator doing her first picture book, this truly was an amazing journey for me.

Who is Snailsworth?     Snailsworth is a tiny garden she-snail who would not normally be considered to be very adventurous. She learns a lot on her little nighttime journey up a fencepost. She discovers not only things she didn't know about her environment; she also learns a lot about herself!

Where did the story idea come from?     One evening as I sat on my back steps, the story tumbled into my head. I worked on the story for several months before I began to draw it. The project took me about two years to complete in my spare time. 


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About the audio book.   

The audio book came several years after the paper book was published in 2004. Creating audio was a new thing for me which began in 2010 with the release of the award-winning 8-CD audio book of my first novel, Alysa of the Fields.

Click More about the audio book for cast members, sound clips, and photos.

This production was created following production of my award-winning 8-CD audio book of Alysa of the Fields

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